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October 30, 2023

Experience the Pinnacle of Vaping with the GunnPod Series

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Australia’s vaping community continually seeks innovations that epitomize quality and reliability. The GunnPod range is a testament to this pursuit, offering top-tier disposable vapes celebrated for their exceptional design, diverse flavors, and unparalleled vaping experiences.

GunnPod PLUS redefines luxury in the vaping sphere. With a weight of 50g and a powerful 1400mAh battery, it’s designed to deliver a remarkable 4500+ puffs. Accommodating a generous 12ml of e-liquid, its specially formulated e-juice ensures a smooth, delightful vaping experience. From the invigorating Cool mint to the ever-reliable Classic Tobacco, it caters to a myriad of tastes, encapsulating a premium sensation and genuine flavors.

User convenience is paramount, and the PLUS exemplifies this. With its draw-activated mechanism and a design engineered for easy portability and discretion, it’s an ideal companion for the contemporary vaper.

GunnPod 2000, an iconic member of this series, showcases a diverse palette of 29 flavors, spanning both traditional and fruity profiles. Designed to last for 2000 puffs, its user-friendly design is both stylish and functional, cementing its place among the best.

The GunnPod LUME offers a harmonious blend of elegance and efficiency. Boasting a choice of 16 flavors and designed for 5000 puffs, it’s more than a device; it’s an experience. Its minimalist design resonates with those who value aesthetics alongside performance.

Lastly, the GunnPod Meta is sheer craftsmanship. Constructed with pristine-grade aluminium, its appearance is as premium as its performance. Promising 4000+ puffs and presenting a choice of 18 exquisite flavors, it exemplifies GunnPod’s dedication to excellence. Its thoughtfully designed shape and commitment to flavor preservation ensure a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience.

For enthusiasts looking to delve into or expand their GunnPod collection, these remarkable vapes are available on our website. With expansive shipping throughout Australia and free shipping on orders over $99, diving into the GunnPod universe has never been more enticing. Embark on a premium vaping journey with us.

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