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Our research shows that there are 3 brands that stand out from the rest. These are GunnPod, HQD and iGet. We are constantly monitoring the market and if a new popular brand emerges rest assured you can get it from our store.

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GunnPod 2000 is a premium disposable vape that is famous for its amazing taste. Many people appreciate its variety of flavours. This this is why this brand is so popular among Australians.

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October 30, 2023

Experience the Pinnacle of Vaping with the GunnPod Series

Australia’s vaping community continually seeks innovations that epitomize quality and reliability. The GunnPod range is a testament to this pursuit, offering top-tier disposable vapes celebrated for their exceptional design, diverse flavors, and unparalleled vaping experiences. GunnPod PLUS redefines luxury in the vaping sphere. With a weight of 50g and a powerful 1400mAh battery, it’s designed […]

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October 17, 2023

Set Sail on a Taste Adventure with IGET STAR L700

Unveiling the latest sensation from IGET STAR L7000, crafted for those with refined palettes. Its futuristic geometric design combined with a user-friendly mouthpiece speaks volumes about its elegance. The premium aluminum shell amplifies the flavor profiles, promising an unparalleled vaping escapade. Backed by over 7000 puffs and state-of-the-art USB-C charging, it defines endless luxury. 🌴 […]

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