Cola Ice


The Cola Ice IGET Bar is the perfect choice for people who love the taste of cola matched with an icy menthol kick.

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What’s In Your IGET Bar

The flavour of iGet BAR – Cola Ice is a nostalgic fragrance that captures the flavour of classic cola soda. The flavour opens with top notes of fizzy and efferveflavour cola, which are reminiflavour of an ice-cold cola drink on a hot summer day. The fragrance is a true representation of the soda, with a sweet and slightly tart aroma.

The heart of the fragrance is a blend of cola and spices, which provides a sweet and spicy finish that rounds out the overall flavour. The base notes of the fragrance are a blend of vanilla and caramel, which provide a warm and sweet finish that balances the fizziness of the cola.

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