Apple Banana Pineapple


Apple Banana Pineapple is tropical heaven made of exotic pineapples and creamy Banana with a splash of rich and sweet Apple! If you like Double Apple, this vape is for you!

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What’s In Your GunnPod META

GunnPod Meta’s Apple Banana Pineapple is a refreshing and delightful e-liquid fragrance that offers a pleasurable sensory experience for vapers who appreciate a harmonious, fruity aroma. This fragrance skillfully combines the enticing essences of crisp apples, creamy bananas, and juicy pineapples, creating a balanced and tantalizing scent that captures the essence of a vibrant fruit medley.

As you take a whiff of Apple Banana Pineapple, the fragrance begins with the invigorating aroma of ripe, crisp apples. The scent captures the essence of freshly picked apples, with their perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. The apple aroma is both refreshing and uplifting, filling your senses with the vibrant green fruitiness of a sun-kissed orchard.

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