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March 18, 2023

Does the GunnPod 2000 Live Up to Its Reputation?

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New brands keep popping up on the scene as disposable vapes gain popularity worldwide. But one of the longstanding names that remain strong is the GunnPod 2000.

This disposable vape has a reputation for high-quality flavours at affordable pricing. These two features are part of the reason why this brand has outlasted many of its competitors in the Australian vaping market.

Yet, there are those who argue that GunnPod’s reputation isn’t as well-deserved as it seems. We’ll take an in-depth look at this classic vape pen here.

Just the Specs, Please

Let’s start by analyzing the specs of the GunnPod 2000. Its 50 mg/mL is standard for most disposable vapes; no better, no worse. The tank holds 6 mL of e-juice; the pen is 93x25x25 mm and lightweight. The battery size of 1250 mAh is also average.

Looking at the design, the GunnPod 2000 comes pre-charged and ready to use. One must simply pull on the mouthpiece and inhale, and the vaping experience begins. The battery is strong enough to last the 2000 puffs the brand claims.

Safety Features

The next question is less factual. Is the GunnPod 2000 safe?

The reality is that the safest option is to avoid smoking or vaping completely. However, vaping is safer than tobacco smoking as you get without harmful additives like tar, tobacco, and carcinogens. Tobacco smoke itself can trigger cancer cells, and second-hand smoke is dangerous to everyone around the lit cigarette.

E-cigarettes take away this exponential hazard by heating e-juice to produce vapour instead of smoke. Studies show that, while there are still some chemicals in vapes, the number is reduced by approximately 95%.

As far as the device itself, provided you don’t expose the GunnPod 2000 to extreme temperatures that can wreak havoc with the battery, it has high safety ratings. 

Vape pens or any device with lithium-ion batteries can explode when exposed to high heat, so you should never leave yours in a car or other places with high temperatures. However, GunnPod uses well-designed materials to design its devices, making them safer than a generic, cheaply-made vape pen.

Now, the Flavours

Other vape brands, like iGet, are famous for their extensive flavour offerings. But GunnPod 2000’s tasty e-juices are also at the top of the list.

GunnPod introduced popular flavours like soda ice, grape, and strawberry kiwi. From there, this line set the standard for what a great vape should taste like: not too strong, not too sweet, and clearly distinctive.

In addition to the yummy tastes, GunnPod’s e-juices are made from a 100% VG base, so they’re healthier than other vape liquids. The more of a VG base in the vape, the smoother the hit you get, as well.

And the Miscellaneous Info to Finish Us Off

The GunnPod 2000’s claim to offer 2000 puffs is relatively consistent with the average user’s vape style and replaces 6-10 packs of cigarettes. At the rate of a standard smoker, it will last anywhere from two days to one week. It’s not rechargeable, but the battery should hold up for as long as the tank capacity has liquid left in it.

The e-liquid ingredients are food-grade, safe, and all-natural: USP-grade, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and some flavourings.

As a whole, GunnPod 2000’s reputation as being one of the longstanding classics with top ratings continues to hold. If you had a problem with GunnPod 2000 in the past, make sure you purchased yours from an authorized reseller, like OziGet. 

Vape pens that have been sitting on shelves for weeks, as often happens in stores, lose their freshness. But buying from a retailer online ensures you cut out the middle deliveries, getting your vape fresh from the source and straight to your door.