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GunnPod Lume’s Cola Ice is a mesmerizing and invigorating e-liquid fragrance that offers a nostalgic and refreshing sensory experience for vapers who appreciate the classic aroma of a chilled cola drink. This fragrance masterfully combines the distinctive essence of a fizzy cola beverage with a revitalizing touch of icy menthol, creating an enticing and uplifting scent that captures the essence of a beloved refreshment.

As you take a whiff of Cola Ice, the fragrance starts with the familiar and welcoming scent of a fizzy cola drink. The aroma captures the distinctive blend of sweet, caramel-like notes and light effervescence that is characteristic of a freshly opened bottle or can of cola. The scent instantly transports you to happy memories of enjoying a cold, bubbly cola on a hot summer day, with its exhilarating and comforting qualities.

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