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March 8, 2023

Buying iGet Vapes in Australia? Check the Reviews on These Top 4 Bars

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Instead of dealing with the cumbersome mechanics of a rechargeable vape, millions of people are moving into the disposable vaping scene. These pens are easy to use, delicious, and inexpensive to replace, and the iGet line is one of the top brands in the world.

The iGet Bar vapes dominate the disposable vaping industry and have taken Australia by storm. So, when you buy an iGet Bar in Australia at a vape store or online, you have a lot of excellent choices. It’s a good problem to have, but instead of hovering over the “add to cart” button, you want to know which product you should get right now.

We hear you, and we have you covered. Before you buy disposable vapes in Australia, check out the reviews on these top 5 iGet designs.

1. iGet Legend

Offered in tantalizing flavours like Blackberry Pomegranate Cherry Ice, the iGet Legend vaporizer is ideal for a relaxed puff. The pen is designed to be ergonomically friendly and comfortable, made of lightweight stainless steel.

The iGet Legend’s 4000+ puff capacity means you’re going to get a lot of juice from the pen’s tank before you need to replace it. The pre-charged battery will last for 4000 puffs and beyond. At a 62 g net weight, you can easily pocket this disposable vape.

2. iGet XXL Ice

Looking for a cool menthol rush combined with deliciously fruity flavours? The iGet XXL Ice is your perfect vape pen. The top-selling Blackberry and Kiwi Ice are two of the many refreshing offerings available in this line.

Overall, the iGet XXL gives you 1800 puffs in its stainless steel container. Housing enough e-juice and a strong battery that lasts as long as your liquid, this 31 g net weight pen is discrete and comfortable to use.

3. iGet XXL Sweet and Fruity

If you want the dependability and deliciousness of an iGet XXL without the menthol undertones, iGet has you covered. With flavours like Blue Razz — a combination of sweet and tasty blueberries and raspberries — every puff is a delectable dessert in your mouth.

Puff on the pen to activate, and enjoy the salivating goodness of iGet XXL’s sweet and fruity offerings.

4. iGet Bar

Are 1800 puffs not enough, but you want the confidence that your taste buds will salivate with your vaping experience? Try the iGet Banana Ice Bar. The iGet Bar line has plenty of flavours for you to choose from, with the Banana Ice variety one of the best-sellers. Its tropical sensation mixes with menthol undertones for a fruity and cool puff every time.

iGet Bars are 78 g net weight, making them a little heavier than the other options on this list, but they last longer. The e-juice tank provides 3500+ puffs per pen.

Shopping for iGet Vapes in Australia

No matter which vape you choose, use a reputable distributor for the best flavour. At OzGunnPod, we shop for wholesale iGet bars in Australia directly from the manufacturer. This cuts out the extra costs and ensures you get the freshest vaping experience possible! Visit us at OzGunnPod and take the next steps in your vape journey with an iGet vape.

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