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March 15, 2023

Are You a Mint or Menthol Vaper?

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The terms “mint” and “menthol” are often used interchangeably in vape discussions. Both refer to a taste that leaves you with a cool, tingly sensation in your mouth. But beyond that similarity, the two flavours are distinctly different.

Mint and menthol flavourings are added when the manufacturer wants to create a style of vape juice that leaves the user feeling fresh and awake. However, you’ll rarely find an essential oil with menthol in its name, and you don’t see cigarettes marketed as “mint-flavoured.”

So how are they connected? We’ll go over the two flavours here to help you decide if you want mint- or menthol-based products when you vape.

Understanding Mint’s Properties

Mint is an herb you can eat. It’s commonly added to drinks like mojitos and mint juleps. You see this plant as an ingredient in recipes and a flavour in things like gum and toothpaste.

If you don’t recognize mint directly in your favourite recipe or drink, keep looking. You might see it listed as one of its sister plants: lavender, peppermint, spearmint, or wintergreen. All of these are considered part of the mint family, and they can be used in anything edible, including essential oils and vape juice.

The flavour and sensation you get depend on the type of mint used. Overall, you’ll notice anything in the mint category will be strong, tangy, and invigorating, like in WAKA Smash’s Fresh Mint disposable vape.

Understanding Menthol

Now menthol is often described as minty, but when you’re tasting it, you’re not getting the whole plant. Menthol is a derivative of the mint plant, a component that is extracted from these herbs. When it is removed, it’s used as an ingredient in medicines and beauty products. However, menthol can be natural or synthetic.

When you taste menthol or apply it to your body, it creates a cooling sensation. You’ll see it used frequently in topical pain relievers and cold and cough medicine. The coolness comes from the chemical, but it doesn’t have any flavour. Mint, on the other hand, gives you a fresh, cool sensation because of its dominant taste.

Menthol products combine delicious vape juice with the icy inhalation you’ve come to love. , You’ll find this in top-selling vape lines such as iGet’s Legend in flavours that include Blackberry Ice and Grape Ice.

Mint and Menthol E-Juices

Both mint and menthol are organic, and you can safely vape them with your e-juice. The flavour to buy depends on whether you’re looking for that cooling sensation without any extra bite or if you want something that gives you a minty taste.

Menthol-infused e-juice hits the throat and gets into the lungs to create an icy sensation that lasts long after you exhale. This comes from the chemical component in the ingredient that attaches to neurons in your mouth, telling your brain that something cold has touched it. A similar reaction happens with mint, but it includes the taste specific to the herb (such as lavender or wintergreen).

If your vape juice is mint-flavoured but also has menthol in it, that menthol is likely a chemical extract. Adding mint to e-juice and nic salt boosts the intensity of the taste and the cool feeling you inhale. It’s not quite as strong as menthol, but your taste buds will enjoy it!

One thing to note is that mint and menthol are plant-based by nature, but they can be lab-made. Look for the label that tells you whether the mint and menthol in the e-juice are synthetic or natural.

Shop for High-Quality Mint and Menthol Products

Whether you’re a mint lover or you prefer menthol to give you the icy cold feels, the key to a good hit is a high-quality product. Using reputable resellers with excellent customer service and satisfaction ratings, like OzGunnPod, helps you ensure you get the best products for that perfect breezy, tangy hit!